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Multiple Sim cards showing in ESET settings

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Guest Stevevoh

So I am currently setting up the mobile Android app for Eset onto my Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, and I was at the point to where I was initiating and enabling the Sim lock function when immediately after I selected the Sim card lock for Sim card removals my phone immediately locked up on me and it asked for my password. I had not even set a password yet so I had to troubleshoot that mess got that solved and got my password set up and was able too log back in and continue setting up the app when it then showed a pop up that asked if I wanted too remember and save the Sim card so I selected yes then 1 min later it locked up again on me so I again entered my password and the same pop up asking if I wanted to save the Sim came up. So I again selected yes and then about 20 sec later it did it again. So then I was like okay this is not right, so I went to the window where it shows my Sim card number to verify ( still on Eset app ) my Sim card and it is showing 3 different Sim card numbers. Has anyone had this issue ? Do this mean my phone is being remotely hacked ? I have noticed some strange things lately these last couple days both with my phone acting strange and my smart fixtures doing rather strange things when I'm not touching either of them. Do I have gremlins this holiday season ? It's not even Christmas yet !?!? Come on man ??!! 🦖 ⬅️ closest thing that resembled a gremlin 🤣

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Please try disabling SIM protection, then delete "ESETxxxxxx" contacts from the SIM card. Finally re-enable SIM protection.

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