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ESET Protect Web Console Certificate with Certify The Web

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At the moment using Certify The Web for the custom SSL is a bit of a pain as every time it expires I have to uninstall the web console and reinstall it to add the custom SSL

It would be great if ESET integrated into ESET Protect on-prem

I'm sure, i'm not the only one who would like this.

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@Martin Peacock - Hey mate
Not sure I understand quite right your issue here. 
I use regular certificates which must be created once a year, I use a simple openssl to pfx convertion command line to create a combined certificate file for the apache server for ESET and then replace it in the apache folder under same file name \ password (in the server conf file I have made sure this certificate file and password are the same) 

That's it, every year, it's as simple as taking the certificate files converting them into a singular pfx file and placing it in the right place. (and restarting the Apache service) 

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