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How to get Windows 7 to recognize my anti virus program?


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Always something new when you play computers.


One of my computers no longer sees NOD32 V8 and invited me to go on line to find an antivirus program..


My program seems to be working perfectly but the only way to shut Windows 7 up is to tell it to not monitor my computer.


I really want that portion of 7 to work so what should I do? Reinstall version 8? Any other ideas?



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I did. I Googled the problem and was about to print the instructions.


But I took one more look at the Action Center and got the message "ESET NOD32 Antivirus reports it is turned on"


I guess my 6 reboots may have helped--who knows?


Thanks for the post TomFace.

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No problem-I already tried 6 reboots for my blank screen/kernel communication issues-I think I'm up to using a 4LB sledge hammer.. :angry:

All I have is a 12 pounder.


I should have used it. :D :D :D

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