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Computer Alert Can't connect to ESET Inspect

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I have deployed a brand new Server for Eset Inspect. The Server connect witch my EP (Eset Protect). I can connect into the Inspect console from my computer. I can manage it and saw all my endpoint into It. I have deployed the Eset Inspect Connector via Eset Protect on my computer. The Eset Inspect Connector got installed. But I got this alert "Can't connect to ESET Inspect". In Eset protect console or Eset Inspect console, if i go into computer and search my computer i got this warning.

If i go on my computer and check logs at C:\ProgramData\ESET\Inspect Connector\Logs. I got 

2022-11-08 00:10:25 0260c Error: Error while sending request to server at "localhost:8093".Aucune connexion n’a pu être établie car l’ordinateur cible l’a expressément refusée (google translate from french) "No connection could be established because the target computer expressly refused it "

I was worried about "request to server at "localhost:8093"" Maybe localhost are'nt correct"


Can somebody help me ? 





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How did you install the EI connector? Does it work if you install it manually using an msi installer and enter the EI server's hostname?


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Alternatively, assign a EI Connector policy with the correct hostname / ip adres configured to the  device(s) via ESET PROTECT. (assuming you don't already have a policy based on your description) 

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I have not add somes Policy for the EI connector. I only gone into Eset Protect and made a task for deploy the connector on my endpoint. Where can i found the right informations/configuration for my policies if i need one?

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You can create a new policy in ESET PROTECT:


Select the product ESET Inspect Connector (1) & define the correct hostname/IP of the server where you installed ESET Inspect Server component (2) & select the correct Certificate Authority. 

Assign the policy to the all group (or a different group if you prefer):




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