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Outlook plugin causing mail conflicts - New Outlook Plugin for Windows Server

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Good Morning!

We have three client deployments with ESET Server Security for Windows (since we have to use Windows Server Datacenter to comply with Msoft). On all we are using the Outlook integration to scan incoming and outgoing e-mails. As many other organizations, our clients use shared mailboxes and inter-mailbox permissions. The mail attributes changed by ESET cause hundreds of thousands of e-mail duplicates because of sync conflicts.

I see that this issue is known to ESET for many years now. Several months ago the reworked Outlook plugin for the Endpoint-Software was released to BETA which specifically addresses this issue.


Can we expect the new Outlook plugin to come to Windows Server-Products anytime soon? 

Our clients are wasting money on hosting resources because their Mailboxes are many times bigger than they should be because of this design flaw.

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I assume it will be included in ESET Server Security v10. We're still fine tuning and optimizing the plug-in for best performance in various environments. You cold install ESET Endpoint Antivirus v9.1 on the server in the mean time.

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Hi Marcos, 

thank your for the information. We will most likely wait for the v10 release then.

Endpoint Antivirus is not supported on Windows Server OS as per the documentation. Can it be installed nonetheless?

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To my best knowledge, there's no check for server presence during installation of Endpoint so it should be possible as of now. While it's not supported and Endpoint was not tested on servers, our products share the core and components so I would not expect any issues.

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