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Clear cache client browser

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Hi everybody -have a nice day!

I want to block user client use web while  working. i have  been creat Task policies  deni web *.com*, *.net*,*youtube*,*facebook*

- After i apply task Most websites are blocked , but only "youtube.com & facebook.com " not locked .

- youtube&facebook to blocked when i clear cache browser on pc client manually .

- i want creat task clear cache browser client from Era .

Please help me ! 

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Deleting browser cache from the command line is not supported by browsers as far as I know.

Under Linux, I've found the following instructions for Firefox:
rm ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default*/*.sqlite ~/.mozilla/firefox/*default*/sessionstore.js
rm -r ~/.cache/mozilla/firefox/*.default*/*

For Chrome:
rm ~/.config/google-chrome/Default/
rm ~/.cache/google-chrome

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