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Poodle Attack - Security flaw in SSL v3 - ESET blocking


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Nicknamed POODLE – it’s an acronym for Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption – Engadget reports that the bug “allows a man-in-the-middle attacker to decrypt HTTP cookies,” on SSL 3.0. Although SSL 3.0 is around 15 years old, it is still widely used in most web browsers and as a backup on servers if modern protocols fail to connect. Worryingly, “prospective attackers can force a server to default back to SSL 3.0 for the sake of the exploit.”



So this should be the end of SSL v3.


Now my suggestion for the ESET products...

What about making this?


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This suggestion is now more than one month old... :(

What do you think about this, ESET?


It was discovered that also some TSL implementations can be affected by this vulnerability, but still SSL v3 is the main point of attack.

So isn't it a good idea to block not only SSL v2, but also SSL v3 with the SSL scanning of ESS or ESET NOD32?

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