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Why Banking and payment protection requires LiveGrid

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Why is LiveGrid required for the Banking & Protection feature? LiveGrid submits and/or protects against zero-day bad stuff etc. The banking feature appears to be a sandbox concept that relies on whatever ESET protection features (with or without LiveGrid). Why would that need it MANDATORILY participating in in LiveGrid?  One can still add banks manually to the the EDIT in advance settings, still turn on redirection, still have an entire secured browser setting on or off, still pull whatever bank websites from the DB or whatever you have .....ALL OF WHICH HAVE ZERO to do with LiveGrid. As if proof of this fact, the banking feature even at least gets to the redirection page and detects banks just fine with LiveGrid off .....it just ceases to function AFTER that fact and/or does not open the sandbox browser.

1.) LiveGrid should NOT be required.

2.) If LiveGrid is disabled, there should be a warning next to the Banking & Protection on/off switch under SETUP as well as the sandbox browser launcher icon under TOOLS stating it must be enabled for this feature to work (assuming you will not remove the need for LiveGrid to be enabled and/or in the meantime until you remove the dependency if intending to do so).

LiveGrid captures data that some end users feel is an encroachment of their privacy and system info/etc that is extracted -- regardless of what ESET's "motive" is or the "benefit" from said extraction.

While one CAN leave LiveGrid ENABLED, but disable feedback and submission settings, regardless, many customers do NOT WANT IT ON AT ALL DUE TO ABOVE. If a customer wants to turn off LiveGrid for the reason mentioned or other reasons, THAT IS THEIR CHOICE so long as ESET gives it to them, which it does currently do BOTH at install and later.

Already when mentioning that any company, even an AntiVirus company, has a banking protection app that does "anything" with an end user's bank has gotten feedback from our customers with raised eyebrows or grilling us what it does and how it works and what info is sent to ESET.  Even non-technical customers, for many, the first thing our of their mouth, is not "hey that sounds great," but instead "hey why are they doing something with my bank?" .... even when we explain the benefits.  So, on top of having to explain this boldly advertised and automatic desktop shortcut icon you all make upon ESET Internet Security install, having to bring in the LiveGrid concept, this is not good.  All the more, we do not feel there is any reasonable justification that with a customer browsing the internet inside your sandbox Banking Protection browser, esp their bank, ANY data of the when/where/whatever should never even be transmitted to ESET in ANY capacity....with LiveGrid being required, it cannot be argued that SOME DATA MUST BE BEING TRANSMITTED TO ESET.  This needs to be changed and disclosed fully regardless.

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Banking and payment protection provides a secure browser for secure browsing when doing bank transactions. As such, it allows only trusted dlls to be loaded to the browser which is why it needs information from LiveGrid to determine trust.

Enabling the LiveGrid reputation system is essential not only for BPP but also for regular detection, protection and cleaning of detected threats and also to prevent false positives. All it submits to ESET's servers are hashes of scanned files, ie. nothing that one should be concerned about.

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