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Locking USB media devices with individual exceptions

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Locking USB media devices with individual exceptions


I would like to assign a policy in Eset to an OU (named GPO Test) to lock USB devices.
This works so far well.

But I would now like to unlock individual USB devices with serial number etc. for individual systems by storing a policy directly on the computer that unlocks the USB device.

How can I achieve this?




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From what I see you did one mistake.
You enabled the policy force (lightning symbol), with that you cannot change settings in following "lower" policies. So if you force the policy on the computer group level but want to allow something on a computer level, you won't be able to change it.

So don't force that policy, only enable it. Also, the policy on that computer level, set it so the rules are prepended and not appended, otherwise the block all USB will hit first and won't look for more rules.

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