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Network protection troubleshooting wizard

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Poor ESET user design allows for Blocked IP to be unblock, on mass. (ESET Server security - Troubleshooting Wizard)

Dropdown selector for 5min|15min|hour goes directly over the top of the "Unblock" button for server block IP's - this is dangerous as can be accidently clicked if you slightly overshoot the dropdown. Also, if "unblock" IP's is clicked there is no undo.

Having accidently done this myself, I cannot find out if the unblock is permanent or for specific time.

Design of dropdown only needs to be moved to the left to miss accidental unblocking of IP's.




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Even if you accidentally clicked Unblock, it would create a firewall rule or IDS exception and another window with details would appear so you would have all information necessary to remove the rule or IDS exception:


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