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Unable to login to Bank of America

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Unable to login to my Bank of America account. I have been using this account for nearly 30 years, and need to use it daily.

Not happy having to spend time trying to solve your problems. I really don't care why it doesn't work. I paid for your product, and it should work properly.

Also, wtf is up with your "move the photo" security check? My impression of your company is declining by the minute...



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Regarding the problem with login to you bank account, what exactly the issue is? Are you able the bank's website? Do you open it in a standard or protected browser? Are you redirected to a secure browser? What is the bank url and what browser do you use? Please provide a screen shot to demonstrate the issue.

As for the second problem, are you referring to reCAPTCHA when signing up for this forum? reCAPTCHA is a standard anstispam tool used by forums and websites on the Internet.

Last but not least, please suggest a change of your display name since it doesn't comply with our forum rules.

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