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ESET PROTECT warnings "Push Notification Service servers cannot be reached".

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Setup a new ESET PROTECT v9 system to replace 7/8.  Every client (except on the actual PROTECT server itself) migrated ends up with warning: "Push Notification Service servers cannot be reached”.

ESET PROTECT (windows) 9.1, Server Security for Microsoft Windows Server 9.0 9.0.12013.0, Endpoint Antivirus 9.1.2060.0

I saw [KB8207] for unix and made changes in this Windows install as best as I could work out.

Added file “C:\Program Files\Apache HTTP Proxy\conf\httpd.conf” with content...  IncludeOptional extra\reqtimeout.conf

The reqtimeout.conf file has the line...  RequestReadTimeout header=0 body=0

Some of the servers that give warnings are in same rack, on same network switch, and all servers have Windows firewall disabled.  I do not think it is a network issue.

Logged a tech case AU but no response after a week and I've phoned twice and not been able to speak to actual support.

As far as I can see there is no setting to disable Push Notification Service which I don’t think I need as 60 clients. After a fix for this or a way to completely disable this warning on client and PROTECT computers summary.

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