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Do you have a SVG version of the ESET icon/logo?


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Just a small question. Do you have a SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) version of your software icon and/or your logo?

This would be great, because you could use it in any size.


This are the "normal" versions (png) of your logo and icon:


So why do I want this?

  1. At first it would be great for all the fans of ESET. :)
    I could add it to my large fan topic, where I already have wallpapers, CD/DVD covers, pictures of the ESET android and more.
  2. Secondly I know a company offering a software which shows the installed AV among other things. To display this in a nice way they use the program icon. They would like to use the SVG version if possible so that the Icon can perfectly displayed in any size.


I hope you can fulfil my desire! :D

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