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ESET Protect (Standalone Server v9) New Installers and Auto Updates

Chris Brenn

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I am new to the auto update feature in ESET Protect v9. Most of our clients are up to date on version 9.1.2051. According to the support techs I've spoken to at ESET, the next version is 9.1.2060. However, they mentioned that it hasn't been released for auto update purposes. How do I find out when a new version has been released (just an installer release, not necessarily for auto updates)? And, how do I know when a new installer has been approved/released for auto update purposes? We want to try the auto update feature, but we want control it for the first couple of rollouts. So, until the next version is available for auto update rollout, I want to keep auto updates off.



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New Endpoint versions are announced here in the forum as well as via PR news on ESET's website.

With auto-updates enabled you don't have to care about the update process as it will be done fully automatically and Endpoint will update about 30 days after the release of a new version. There is no way to learn when auto-updates get enabled. Moreover, we enable them gradually so not all endpoints will update to the new version at once.

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