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Running trial as small business owner and confused.

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Guest Muddy Waters

Hi I have had a trial of ESET Complete running for nearly 30 days. 

I've tried to add my Android mobile (Twice) via the Protect Cloud console and somehow muddled through to get the app working on my Phone, however the phone is unmanaged on the Protect Cloud console (there are actually two instances of the unmanaged Android phone.)  However even though it says it is unmanaged I am still getting the right messages on the ESET Security app on the Android phone.  Is something wrong or are Android phones always unmanaged?

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If you have enrolled the phone with a QR code generated by ESET PROTECT and yet the phone doesn't start reporting to the server, try connecting to the Internet through a different ISP or carrier. For help with troubleshooting, please open a support ticket.


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