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Since the upgrade from 22H1 to 22H2 in Windows 11 , we got id=1108 in the eventviewer , after every reboot , 20 times after each other , all id=1108.

Seems to be a well known issue , and Im trying to get rid of these id=1108.

Reported to the MS-community , sended them lots of info , and they are ESET suspecting of the error.

They asked me to uninstall my ESET Internet Security , then see of the error still excists .

Off course I did not uninstall my ESET , but I wonder if this problem is reported to ESET already !

Will wait with further actions , untill a response from ESET arrives...........4.thumb.png.88039fd2541af9077b5549431bc309a6.png

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I just rebooted my system to look after reading this thread.

I have a run of 1108 logged as audit success from early in boot, right after lsass starting and the auditing subsystem initialization.


Here's the OP's screenshot translated




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Well , I thought so already .............seems Im not the only one with these annoying event errors !

Remains the question ; are these errors "made" by ESET , or is it just a MS-bug .........???    :angry:

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