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Why do you now put licenses on auto-renew?  That's pretty scammy and not what I would expect from a security company.  Do you think we're too stupid to decide for ourselves?

Any why does the latest version of the software disregard our settings and set all browsers to "secure browsers" - not only disregarding our Eset settings but also resetting some of our defaults in Firefox.

It's not encouraging me to buy the product and to advise others to avoid renewa.


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Regarding autorenewal, this can be disabled in your e-store account. It's a standard nowadays to provide subscription / plan models of purchase in the software world. Unfortunately you have posted as a guest so we don't know what country you are from, I can only assume you're from the US. If so, you can contact ESET, LLC for help with purchase or disabling auto-renewal.

As for the secure all browsers setting, this is becoming the default setting and the redirection model causing various issues will be abandoned in future versions.

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