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EKRN service starts using 100 cpu


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Ever since I installed v8............I've noticed that it gobbles up 100 of my cpu everyday at 3:00.


Going through th options ,I disabled the Live Grid and that seems to have solved it................


Any reason why it's doing this?

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Hehe i'm not sure what you do everyday at 3:00  :D But for me it could happen at anytime, mostly while browsing. I reported it, and i've been provided a fix for it, I just haven't had time to get to it yet and test the fix out. But I will try to get to it tonight so I can confirm to ESET whether it fixed it or not.  :)


Edit: Of course we can't be sure that the root cause for your high cpu usage, is the same as mine. So you can always provide ESET with some dumps if you want and the devs will take a look.

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