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EES for macOS blocking internet - fixed


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I just had a weird issue so thought I would post in case this helps anyone else. I am onboarding macOS devices using Intune, part of my onboarding process installs Rosetta and then the Eset agent, Eset Protect then takes over and auto-installs EES and activates.

All works nice and smooth but Friday I had a call to say a Mac that was onboarded that week (running Monterey) has no internet access. I did some troubleshooting and saw that on the network prefs screen the Eset firewall was stuck starting and the Eset proxy was not connected. Eset was not running on the menu bar.

I went through the steps to uninstall Eset but it said that Rosetta was not installed and a button to install it, clicked that but it failed as there is no internet. 

I fixed by manually removing Eset firewall and proxy from network prefs which allowed me to run the uninstaller, install Rosetta, uninstall Eset and I then pushed a fresh install from Protect which is working. 

I hope this was an obscure glitch rather than anything that's going to cause issues going forward. It looks like somehow Rosetta was damaged or removed after Eset was installed. I don't have logs as I had to get the user up and running asap.

Seems related to this: 


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