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Device Control and built-in SD Card readers


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Hello All,

During our Device Control tests we noticed that Device Control does not block memory cards inserted in a laptop's built-in SD card reader even if the rule is set to block 'All device types'. Looking at the description of the feature in the official documentation I am wondering whether this is not expected behavior: "Disk storage – Applies to any disk storage connected via USB, including external CD/DVD drives and conventional memory card readers". As per the description it refers to memory card readers connected via USB only. Looking at the Device Control log, nothing is logged when a card is inserted and its contents are freely accessible.

Could anyone confirm whether this is the case? Is there a way to block memory cards if they are inserted into a built-in SD card reader? Thank you in advance!

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Hi Marcos,

Thank you for the prompt response. We just tested that using few different SD cards and nothing appeared. Then we tested with a removable media and it was populated immediately. 

Is this expected behavior for SD cards inserted into a built-in card reader, or are we facing some sort of issue? Thank you.

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