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ESET Mail Security for Linux integration with proxmox mail gateway

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We really like proxmox mail gateway and we would like to integrate eset scanning mostly for malicious attachments and links. Is that possible?

Some users already done the integration with proxmox but we don't know if it's even allowed by licensing agreement. It seems like they are using https://www.eset.com/us/business/download/file-security-linux/



Can someone from staff please answer some questions from Proxmox Staff Member (Stoiko Ivanov) about how eset mail/linux security product works and if it would be possible to integrate with proxmox mail gateway.

They have already integrated Avast https://pmg.proxmox.com/wiki/index.php/Install_Avast but as we are ESET users we would like to integrate ESET if possible. It would be a nice alternative to Avast if pricing is reasonable.

Here is the quote from https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/official-eset-mail-security-for-linux-integration-with-pmg.116858/#post-505672


I'm not opposed to integrating another AV solution on principle - the requirements for us to consider it also haven't changed:
* Pricing should be working for different use-cases of PMG - i.e. not based on the number of mail-addresses/boxes you want to scan, not for private use only
* There should be a daemon, which keeps the (usually quite huge) signature database in memory - instead of reading them from disk for each scan (compare clamscan vs. clamdscan)
* It should be using sane amounts of ressources (clamAV is for example quite the memory hog)
* of course the use-case of integrating it in a different mail-proxy should be allowed by the vendor

Regarding ESET:
* could you point to their pricing page/share some experiences of your own how much a license for the use-case of scanning unlimited mailboxes would cost? - Could not find their pricing page after a quick check on their homepage
* Featurewise the ESET mail-security looks like it's a mail-proxy of it's own - not meant to be integrated somewhere else?

A colleague just pointed out that the link you posted links to the Malaysian site of their mail-security product - and we could not find a different way to that site from their main site.

So I'm not sure if the mail security product is (still) available in general?

Thank you!

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Please open a support ticket so that developers can answer the questions. What I can say is that we do not provide licenses for unlimited number of mailboxes.

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On 10/20/2022 at 8:11 PM, Marcos said:

Please open a support ticket so that developers can answer the questions. What I can say is that we do not provide licenses for unlimited number of mailboxes.

Hello @Marcos thank you for your answer. I have talked with our regional eset people and I have been pretty disappointed with their poor answers. After a lot of back and forth I found out that ESET Mail Security for Linux is a proxy server not meant to be integrated into other solutions so it can't be used with proxmox.

I am guessing we can use ESET Server Security for Linux as regional eset people said that we are not breaking any licensing agreement if we are using this service to scan files on mail server and I have seen other people on proxmox forum successfully integrate it.

I will try to open a ticket and see if I can get my questions answered and I will help the proxmox staff the best I can (even with supplying them a license for testing) but it would be really helpful if anyone from eset helped promox staff to integrate this or just to give some official response.

This is basically free sales for eset if ESET is integrated in proxmox and I am sure many people would prefer to use it instead of Avast. My guess it's that ESET it's much more sophisticated with detection too.

I will let you know what I managed to do hopefully I am successful.



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