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Single user license validity on a cloned disk on the same PC, but with different OS?


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I am wondering if the EAV "single" license I just bought maintains its validity on the same hardware (=same PC) if I use the license on a different disk with another Operating System mounted.

Just to be clear:

- I have a Windows 7 Home Premium x64 PC

- I want to clone my C disk (where I installed EAV with a single license), let's call the new disk Cnew

- I physically disconnect the C disk and connect Cnew

- I upgrade Cnew from Windows 7 (W7) to Windows 10 (W10)

- At that point I still have the old W7 C disk, but also a W10 Cnew disk


May I install (again) EAV on the "new" W10 disk using the same "single" license?


Be careful because from that point on, it is not that I don't use anymore the old C disk.

From that point on I'd like to use both disks (both OS's), alternating from time to time on the same HW the utilization of Windows 7 and Windows 10 (the concept is that of a "dual boot") connecting/disconnecting the relative C disks. 

Is my license linked only to my PC (in this case the HW remains the same), or also to the fact that cannot be used "contemporaneously" on 2 different disks (in this case with W7 and W10 Operating Systems)?

Do I need 2 licenses in that case?

(sorry If I made some mess...)


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I'd suggest checking it with your local ESET distributor as it concerns legal matters. As far as I know, using a single license on a multi-boot system is ok.

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Just found this other topic on the same subject that gave your same answer 

but unfortunately, since that time the FAQ have changed and it seems I would need another license



9. I use a dual-boot computer with two separate operating systems. How many licenses do I need?
Each operating system counts as one device, so you need a separate license for each operating system or a license for more devices.


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