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ESET IS: Registry-based HIPS Rule not working

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Created HIPS rule to block all applications from all registry access to key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\7-Zip\FM


Registry operations: All registry operations
Registry entries:

And I also marked it for logging and notification.  The rule doesn't work.  7zip is able to read and write that registry key.

Tried it in both HIPS "automatic mode" and "interactive mode".  Note that, in interactive mode I do see the rules created by interacting with the dialogs, below my hand-created rule.

ESET Internet Security version

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That was not the only issue.  It looks like ESET doesn't apply a rule to more deeply nested keys, unlike Kaspersky and a few other HIPS programs I've used.  So I had to extend the registry path to the exact key under that path that I was trying to protect.

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