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ESET PROTECT 9.1 - Where did Server Task Agent Installation go to?


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It used to be in ESET PROTECT 9.0 that after a computer object was created, it would prompt for Agent installation.  An option to do Remote Deployment > Server Task Agent Installation was available.  A button labeled SELECT TASK would select an existing Agent installation task that would automatically select the computer, all that was needed was to enter credentials and press the Finish button to begin deployment.

That option is no longer available in ESET PROTECT 9.1 - so how does one quickly and easily deploy the Agent immediately following the computer object creation when the Server Task Agent Installation option no longer exists?

Also, what developer thought removing it was a good idea????

2022-10-14 11_22_07-ESET PROTECT Operations Guide.docx - Word.jpg

2022-10-14 11_22_29-ESET PROTECT.jpg

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