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Another post about ESET blocking public wifi

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After installing ESET Endpoint Security on my fleet of Mac laptops, the calls began. "Im at a hotel and cant get on wifi, the screen doesnt pop up asking me to sign in" and "I'm at an airport and the lounge wifi doesnt work on my laptop"  etc. etc.

Any workstation running ESET cannot get on the wifi. Tech support says "Run the logger and send us data" then never gives a solution. 

Doing a google search I find... a stunning number of these posts here all of which are closed, without an actual fix or work-around being posted.

The only thing that works is this: Uninstall ESET completely (Right click the app, navigate to Helpers, etc.).


Does ESET plan to ever repair this issue? This is a major problem for anybody in the enterprise space considering this product. I regret spending so much money licensing 50 workstations now.


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Does temporarily pausing the firewall make a difference? If so, does switching to interactive mode and allowing the communication when asked make a difference? What it's your ticket number so that I could check the history of your ticket?

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Disabling ESET makes no difference.

The only thing that works is this: Uninstall ESET completely (Right click the app, choose to show package content, navigate to Helpers, run the uninstaller).

When I called the recordings told me to use your website. When I use your website I was told to call in. This is silly.

Case #00438025

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This needs to be investigated by technical support and developers.

Also check if the ticket ID is correct since the ticket is a license inquiry unrelated to the above mentioned issue.

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Not to be "that guy" but before you suggested a bunch of fixes for Windows you read my post that says "fleet of Mac laptops" right?

Corporate has made the decision to discontinue use of ESET due to... well... obvious issues. Wish anybody who finds this thread through google the best of luck, and remember there is a fix on a Mac:  Uninstall ESET.

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