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License status not updating on some servers


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I've got 50 Windows servers, all getting the same ESET policies and AD group policies. Ten servers are not updating their license status and show expiring. I apply the same license to all devices, but for some reason these servers did not pick up the new license in several weeks' time.

I upgraded the agent to the latest version and this made no change to the status. For several, I ran the 'Activate Product' task. For some, the tasks are still running after 40+ minutes, though the 'History' details on the task shows it has finished successfully and the license has updated. However, those with updated/correct licenses are still flagged with a warning due to expiring license for some reason.

On several others, the activation task has completed successfully, but the license is not updated. Everything looks fine in EBA.

I can't tell 1) why some are not pulling the updated license, and 2) why those that do pick up the correct license still report expiring license.

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If restarting the machine doesn't make any difference, please open a support ticket since further logs and investigation will be needed.

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