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Having difficulty in setting up encrypted usb of mine with ESET Smart Security Premium

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I am facing certain issues with ESET Smart Security Premium. I am able to easily create encrypted virtual drive with one of its feature but I am unable to encrypt usb of mine. I did unchecked the option which says "decrypt on this device" . But still that usb is accessible and its content can be deleted without entering its password. 


I am highly dissatisfied with ESET customer service as I never contacted customer service as its not easy to avail ESET customer service for India region. I have a paid product and I want this issue to be resolved from your end. Please provide me remote assistance to resolve this issue. Kindly reply to my email and provide me details of how can I avail the customer service of ESET with regard to remote assistance. Looking forward to the customer service of ESET.

The above mentioned texts are provided to ESET customer support. I was asked to fill up some details to which I duly provided. Kindly assist me in resolving this issue. If this issue has not been resolved by ESET customer care I might never use ESET again. This is the first time I am using it and I kind of liked the product as it is feature rich. But if assistance is not provided then I might have to look for other options.

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The issue will need to be reproduce by technical support. If you are having difficulties communicating with your local ESET support representatives, please provide me with the ticket number so that we can check if the communication was in line with company's standards.

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I wrote on 6 Oct to the support team still didnt got reply via email. So I dont have technical supoort ticket number. @MarcosSure the issue is not technical but a remote asisstance could easily solve my problems. This is the first time I am asking for remote support.

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