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Every few years "File not found on server" and persist til customers forces Eset to fix?


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Maybe I am wrong, But it seems that each several years someone of update files mirrors goes to inconsistent state with missing files. 

Now We got every several hours from some of about 150 EES clients (latest 9.1.2057.0 version) Error message about this. All update related settings in default state... 

So it seems that ESET does not use any  consistency check script for update servers network? Or Update distribution scripts leaves incomplete copies accessible on some server?

I tried to solve it on phone support, but they want to catch Log dumps. But error repeats rarely, so I can not catch it.

I see that exactly same problem appeared several years ago: 



Probably somebody in Eset fixed by hand after few weeks mirrors inconsistency? But it is not solution. Solution is consistency check script of mirrors to avoid even rare occurrence...







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