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UI Bug: Cannot resize log columns

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Just noticing a UI bug on Windows 8 x64 version of ESET Antivirus v7. The event logfile columns cannot be resized when the ESET window is maximized.


Steps to reproduce:


1) Open ESET GUI

2) Go To: Tools -> Log Files

3) Maximize ESET window to fill the screen

4) Attempt to adjust log column size to different sizes to read log files


Occurrence: Occasional to rare, depending on column.


When you attempt to resize some of the columns, they will snap back into the original position once you release the mouse click. You will also see a vertical line being randomly drawn on the screen when attempting to resize the column that is not related to the column resize event you attempting to make.


Fix: Return the window into restored size to resize the column or resize a different column first.


Video link demo:

(sorry for the loud TV in the background)

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I tried it myself multiple times and I wasn't able to reproduce it even once.

I will ask somebody here to try it, hopefully they will have more luck than me.



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