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Limited cloud connectivity message in event log

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Hi there,

since we updated a bunch of Windows servers from ESET Server Security v8.x to v9 (9.0.12013.0) we notice sporadic "limited cloud connectivity" messages in ESET event logs. 

Is there anything we should do about the messages? The systems run at differnt datacenters at different sites so I can rule out internet connectiviy issues, because systems were online at the time of occurence



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Do the clients connect directly to the Internet or through a proxy server? If directly and they are behind a firewall, is communication with ESET's servers listed in https://support.eset.com/en/kb332 allowed? Is TCP and UDP port 53535 open?

If they connect through a proxy, do you use HTTP proxy on Windows or Linux? Or you use a different proxy than Apache?

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Clients connect directly to the internet, no proxy in use. Outgoing traffic is not limited, everything's open to the internet. 

It seems to me thats only a temporary issue, because it occurs only every now and then and I guess connection to the cloud is done more often.

Here are occurences of the log message of two different Windows Server 2016 VMs at two different sites:


  • 01.09.22 10:30 -> update to ESET Server Security v9
  • 01.09.22 13:49 -> first occurence ever on that system
  • 30.09.22 15:04 -> last occurence on that system


  • 26.08.22 10:05 -> update to ESET Server Security v.9
  • 26.08.22 14:20 -> first occurence ever on that system
  • 02.09.22 13:28 
  • 09.09.22 19:13 
  • 14.09.22 7:23 -> last occurence on that system



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What you could do is enable advanced direct cloud logging under Tools -> Diagnostics in the advanced setup, wait until the problem is reported, then disable it, collect logs with ESET Log Collector, open a support ticket and provide the generated archive with logs.

If the problem is reported within a shorter time period and no excessive network communication is generated on the machine, enable also advanced network protection logging.



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  • 3 weeks later...

I did as you said and have Log Collector logs, but I cannot open a ticket because the logs are larger than 21MB

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You can upload the archive to a safe location, such as OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. and enclose a download link in a ticket. Or you can create a ticket without logs and the support personnel will instruct you how/where to upload the logs. Upload them here as well.


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