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Use exported EIS settings from one machine on another?

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Machine #1:  I have a Windows 7 machine that uses ESET Anti-virus and a third-party firewall. 

Machine #2: Another Windows 7 machine uses ESET Internet Security for which I have created a large number of rules in the firewall to better control unwanted URLs and IPs, etc. 

I want to get rid of the third-party firewall and use ESET Internet Security on Machine #1.  Is it possible to safely import the exported settings file from Machine #2 to Machine #1?  Machine #1 has installed from the EAV install (same size as the EIS install by the way) and Machine #2 has installed.  Though both machines have the same operating system, they are different hardware.

Basically I want to avoid the trouble of manually entering all the settings again.


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Yes, after upgrading ESET NOD32 Antivirus to ESET Internet Security you can export the configuration from the other machine with EIS and import it into the newly installed EIS.

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Thank you.  After installing version 15.2.17 of ESET a/v on the target machine, I tried to install version 15.2.17 of ESET Internet Security, but could not.  The message was something to the effect that "your internet security is up to date" and EIS would not install.  I had to uninstall the EAV before I could install EIS, then I was able to use the exported configuration as you said. 

I have a license for five machines and have another machine that needs the same treatment, but am hoping there is a way to install over the existing EAV 15.2.17 with EIS 15.2.17 rather than go through the uninstall/install, reentering my license info, etc.  Is there a flag or a command to force the install?


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