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ESET Remote Installer does not copy all relevant files to TEMP


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for one of my Windows servers I have the following problem:

The remote installation of the management agent has not succeeded.
What I found out is, that there are files missing on the target server in the TEMP folder. It seems only the install_config.ini file has been copied.

There is no agent_x64.msi and no sha1sum.exe file. 

The install task worked properly for over 30 servers. It is just that one server having issues.

The task summary on ESET Protect says the job succeeded - so no error there. But that is not true.
Also in the windows error log on the target server, there is just a info entry from ESET Remote Installer saying the jub succeeded.


ESET PROTECT (Server), Version 9.1 (9.1.2301.0)
ESET Management Agent, 9.1.1298.0


What could be the problem here?


best regards


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By ESET Remote installer you are referring to the All-in-one installer generated in ESET PROTECT? Anyways, please open a support ticket for further troubleshooting of the issue.

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