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Eset Proxy Gui Alert

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Hi, I got an Eset Proxy GUI alert.  My internet was not connected.  Wifi Off and laptop in airplane mode.  I got an alert with a red header background.  The notification came up on the screen and then went away.  I plugged in my ethernet cable so I could send the data to Eset.  But after a couple of minutes I got a message with the same red heading background that said it could NOT send the information from the alert to Eset.

I have been dealing with spyware/malware issues for a while now.  I have tried everything and believe this could be some type of Graphical User interface attack.  I'm sure Eset has experience with this type of notification.  What can I do to protect myself?  Aside from already having Eset running? Does disconnecting from the internet make my laptop MORE vulnerable?  I disconnect my internet to do Web Development/Coding. (to prevent spyware/hacking) I thought having no internet would protect me but it seems like it is still happening and Eset is picking it up.

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