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ESET blocks Web sites of competitors! What a great idea, is not it?

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What a great idea, is not it?


My ESET Endpoint Security blocks access to Web site www. anti-virus-free.ru with free of charge antivirus software.


It says: "page is in the list of websites with potentially dangerous content." 


Well, free software is not dangerous for users but yes, it is really dangerous for ESET Endpoint Security ;)


Great marketing ESET! It's in Russian style! :)


PS Sorry for my English.


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A competitor offering ESET as well as other AVs? No way :)

Have ESET at least visited this site before banning? I found no illegal downloads or links on page. At least for ESET and Kaspersky download links are leading to trial downloads on official pages. There is also some text about 'free download not always means free to use'.

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