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Charon Subfolder has Tons of Files

Guest Aspiring Techie

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Guest Aspiring Techie

In the past I've seen a few forum posts about how files sent for analysis by LiveGrid create FNDxxx.nfi files in the Charon subfolder. So today I noticed my computer running a bit slower so I checked the Charon folder to see if anything suspicious was submitted. I later found out that it was running slower due to an app getting an update and thus turning on a startup back on after I turned it off originally. But in the Charon subfolder there were almost 20 files. I checked the event log and nothing was there and over the course of almost 3 hours over 40 files have been logged there with only a small amount being cleared out. Is there anyway to check which files are being deemed suspicious and being sent for review or if they're dangerous at all? An update to ESET is what cleared out the small amount but a lot of them, including many from before the update, are still there.

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