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ESET LiveGrid imformation collected

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ESET LiveGrid® Reputation System. One-way hashes related to infiltration are processed for the purpose of ESET LiveGrid® Reputation System which improves the efficiency of our anti-malware solutions by comparing scanned files to a database of whitelisted and blacklisted items in the cloud. The End User is not identified during this process.

ESET LiveGrid® Feedback System. Suspicious samples and metadata from the wild are collected as part of ESET LiveGrid® Feedback System which enables ESET to react immediately to needs of our end users and keep us responsive to the latest threats providing. We are dependent on You sending us

Infiltrations such as potential samples of viruses and other malicious programs and suspicious; problematic, potentially unwanted or potentially unsafe objects such as executable files, email messages reported by You as spam or flagged by our product;

Information concerning the use of internet such as IP address and geographic information, IP packets, URLs and ethernet frames;

Crash dump files and information contained.

We do not desire to collect your data outside of this scope but sometimes it is impossible to prevent it. Accidentally collected data may be included in malware itself (collected without our knowledge or approval) or as part of filenames or URLs and We do not intend it to form part of our systems or process it for the purpose declared in this Privacy Policy.

All information obtained and processed through the ESET LiveGrid® Feedback System are meant to be used without the identification of End User.

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