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Unable to Encrypt secondary harddrive attached to system

Harjeet Makkar

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We have a machine which is already Encrypted with ESET Full Disk Encryption and secondary drive D is also Encrypted. We attached Another harddrive F: to the machine and it shows as not Encrypted. We tried pushing the policy to encrypt the machine from ESET Console but it doesn't start. 

 Logs shows below:-

[2022-09-20 10:55:28.669] [agent] [info] [476148] Received policy update from the agent
[2022-09-20 11:17:06.849] [inspector] [info] [4048] Encryption of a data disk is required.
[2022-09-20 11:17:06.849] [inspector] [info] [4048] Encryption is already active so this will be a secondary attempt
[2022-09-20 11:17:06.850] [connector] [error] [4048] DLPCOMM_FDE_EnhancedPreCommence returned 3221291021

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  • ESET Staff

Hi @Harjeet Makkar,

Thank you for getting in touch, may I advise you to contact us via your local ESET Support Center (https://www.eset.com/int/support/contact/) and provide the following logs please:


This will allow us to investigate this issue properly for you and provide a solution.

Thank you,


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