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How to remove Eset icon on right of screen by scroll bar

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The past few weeks there is a small Eset icon on the very far right of the screen.  Just where the scroll bar is.

Who do I stop this really really annoying thing form appearing!!!!

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55 minutes ago, Guest annoyed said:

please answer this. Whatever reason you want us to click that icon each time to close is annoying.

If it bothers you this much, just disable the secure all browsers option in B&PP settings. Eset will then revert to B&PP behavior where only select financial web sites open in B&PP mode. Or, you can manually enter B&PP mode via its desktop icon.

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isn't it that difficult making possible to disable just that sh*ty icon floating where it should not be?

The security feature is just fine.

The green frame is just fine.

But why do you sht in the pocket where your income flows from?

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