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Question regarding my in-depth scan.

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hi there, i have a question regarding my scan.
i decided for the first time to actually look at the files its scanning, and i noticed that i have MANY files that comes up as: DOTNETREACTOR - Cannot perform the operation.

i was wondering... what's up with that?  is that something i should be worried about?

i really doubt I've been infected with anything, as i am a very careful guy online.  BUT everyone can do a mistake! so i figured I'd ask if anyone had any idea what that stuff means? 

Attached a picture with a few of the files that comes up with that error.  There is more, but those were the most recent ones in this scan.


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Since i can't edit,  i just wanted to add:  i did launch the scan as admin. and it's: Smart Security Premium! (Incase this matters)

Edit: Oh yea, its 17 of those erros, and i've just started the scan.

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2 minutes ago, Marcos said:

Internal limits will be increased as of the next archive module which should prevent some of the errors from occurring.

Oh, okay!  that's great! 
Thanks for the answers and stuff! appreciate it! 

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