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How to filter outdated AntiVir/FileSecurity


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is there any way to filter outdated AntiVir/FileSecurity installations?

(outdated module doesn't work for this)



Actually many pcs have installed Endpoint Antivirus 9.0. (over different groups)

Latest version is 9.1.

But i can see it only under "Computer" - "concrete PC" - "Installed Applications"

How can i build an dynamic group with this information?



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  • Administrators

You can get an overview of outdated components in the dashboard where you can update them all with a few clicks:


Or you could create a dynamic group with the expression using the "Installed software" symbols:


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Hi Marcos,


thanks for your answer, but how can i filter "outdated" version at the dynamic group?

I don't like to filter concrete version (like <9.1), because future versions doesn't match this.

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  • ESET Staff

Hello @Informatics as far as I know, there is not "condition" that would identify client as outdated, besides specifying a version being lower than a particular number. Of course, DG like this would be come obsolete quickly. 

Just to double confirm - you want to identify machines, which are outdated, by the means of dynamic group. Question I have is - what should happen next? Automatic software install task, or something else? As there might be a different solution to the problem you are trying to solve. 

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Hello Michalj,

you are right.

First step is to see outdated software/computer.

There are tagged by end-user-name.

Second step will be "automated" software update by group of end-user-name.

(Sure i can see computers at the end-user-name groups and update, but i like to have an overwiev over all managed computer with outdated software)

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