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msp - limit of license to add ?


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I got this weird issues within msp that doesnt make any sense but i might have missed something ; )


When setting up a new customer i can choose how many seats i would like to use ( up to 999 )  and that works like a charm ; )

However...   when a existing customer wants to expand their licence there is a limit of 25 seats ? 

It's not something that comes up weekly but it's just a weird feeling when it happend to one of my customers.

Esspecially because i can't "add" and extra licence of the same product ( can add other products..  ) 


For now i have "fixed" the issues by creating a 'customer-2' entry and added the "excess"  above 25 seats there.

Is it a known bug or am i missing something here ? 

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  • ESET Staff

Hello, are you referring to the "increase license quantity functionality" in ESET MSP Administrator?
Do you initiate the change over the EMA interface? Is this error prevailing for all products, or just few of them? 

I have tested it, and successfully expanded the "size" of a license from 10 to 999 seats, without any issue. 


MSP licenses.png

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