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So, today i got this thing in my spam box. It's normally a routine errand. The reason why i post today is because the behavior of the mail this time was bizarre. As i previewed it (did not open by clicking on it, just selected it from the list on the left side of Outlook), it showed briefly in the spam folder, what seemed to be a quick "subscription confirmation to a service" i couldn't see appeared, and then, probably the virus was detected and mail was sent to the trashcan. So, there was no opening but something anomalous seems to have happened compared to the normal behavior i see when these malicious mails are detected.

Now, while i run a full scan, i ask the forum whether something could have been injected in my system that is not detectable from the AV?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Virus screenshot.jpg

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On 9/13/2022 at 3:14 PM, Marcos said:

It's nothing but typical phishing. Unless you opened the file and entered information such as your email address, you are safe.


I didn't open anything as you can imagine. I just saw a very fast pop up stating something like "you're now subscribed to..." and then it all disappeared and the mail was sent to the spam folder and classified as a virus.

Thanks for the feedback.

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