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Russians crippling my Microsoft?

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Has a security breach crippled my Office 365 products?  Including the Start icon?

Use to be able to have a tech come online with me to look at my "settings" whatever.  Is that not available anymore?

I've been on the phone with Xfinity, tried to be online with Microsoft (they don't even have a chat room!)  Talked to my domain provider even.

Now I'm trying ESET.


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Please be very cautious about offers (typically calls) to connect to your machine remotely to check your settings and allegedly fix various issues. This is a typical scam from people who pretend to be from Microsoft but in fact they scam you in order to get paid for nothing. Instead you'd expose your machine and data to unknown and unqualified persons.

You can find videos of such tech support scams on the Internet, e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CZReZ24-to

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