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Computers, and Phones been hacked for over 2 years,(bought 2 new phones and ssd)

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Hello my Computers, and Phones been hacked for over 2 years,(bought 2 new phones and ssd). Mostly all my emails are gone with Google Workspace attached to them, all my info and others in the house is compromised. I reformatted atleast 20 times, bought a new ssd hd, as well as two new phones which were both into as soon as I turned them on out of the box. What software can I use to completely wipe my m.2 ssd? I'm not logging into gmail when I reformat due to Onedrive. I read I have to break my phones warranty to put it back to default which they hacked anyways out of the box. Any suggestions? Spent atleast $5000 switching isps, going to local places who just took our money and didn't look deep into the phones just apps... Getting unbearable knowing your always remotley hacked and can get your cc info whenever they want(got atleast 10 replacements or more so far for fraud).  Any recommended software, programs, anything that would help willing to pay a lot.. I'm pretty computer savvy but nowhere close to this.

Really need help guys thanks.

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