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ESET connect to when we have mirror server!!!

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the clients that have endpoint business account and connect to our updater server(Mirror) in LAN but we saw in monitoring client want to connect to directly and we don't know for what ???!!!!!!

all of policy of update set to receive update from our updater but the client systems try to connect to

anyone know that??????

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  • Reza Yousefi changed the title to ESET connect to when we have mirror server!!!
  • Administrators

The IP address is listed among other ESET IP addresses at https://support.eset.com/en/kb332.

In case of update from a mirror pico updates are not used so it could be that the updater checks for information about new product versions.

Please carry on as follows:

  1. Enable advanced logging under Help and support -> Technical support
  2. Run update
  3. Stop logging
  4. Collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive here.
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hi sir thanks for your reply

ok I know that IP is valid and the owner of that is ESET, but the policy was set to receive update from our mirror server in LAN (Like Update, product update,....) and I even turn off the anti phishing and ssl/tls, but the client systems want to connect to directly. I don't want when I have lan and mirror servers and infrastructure clients systems try to connect directly outside of the LAN

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  • Administrators

Please provide logs as requested so that I can check if the product was searching for new product updates or what exactly it was checking for on the server.

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