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Task was interrupted - ESET PROTECT GPO

Marc Trottier

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I deploy the management agent via GPO. That works well. But the client fails 1 time out of 2. I have a "Task was interrupted" error in my console. I've created a task and trigger with dynamic group.

Thank you for your help

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As for agent deployment, we recommend using GPO or the ESET Remote Deployment tool (https://help.eset.com/protect_admin/91/en-US/deployment_tool.html). We do not recommend deploying agent from ESET PROTECT due to various issues that may occur due to system security requirements for instance.

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Hi Marcos,

I do deploy the agent by GPO. That part works well.

The part that is not working is the ESET PROTECT antivirus client pushed by a task and trigger in our admin console.

See attached.


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  • ESET Staff

Hi @Marc Trottier

As relatively high % of task execution attempts are failing, we might need some more details. 

How are the machines connected to both ESET PROTECT and also the internet? Is proxy for caching in place, or will the machine try to download the endpoint directly from our repositories? . What is the configuration of the software install task (endpoint version / license in it).

I would recommend to check an agent trace log on one of the failing machine, and try to find "error" related to the installation. But the best would be to open a support ticket, so this issue can be investigated further. 

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