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Unmanaged computers that are now being managed


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Checked in on our unmanaged computer list today on the ESET Protect console page. Several devices there are things that can't really be added- the network interface for a UPS, for example- but one or two of the entries are computers.... and we no longer have them. One of them is the machine name for a server that currently exists as a managed server. It appears on our list of unmanaged machines as PRODSERVER01, but our list of managed machines has PRODSERVER01.DOMAIN.LOCAL as the FQDN. There is no IP address, no MAC address, no other information of any kind on the unmanaged machine in the ESET interface. There is also no option to remove this machine from ESET's database in any way. How do we convince ESET PROTECT that it is no longer there? I have already run the built-in 'reset the rogue computers' task.

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If the problem is that the machines re-appear in the Computer list after you remove them, make sure to follow all 3 steps suggested by the computer removal wizard. Or is it that you get an error when clicking "Remove device" in the wizard?


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