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Endpoint Antivirus v7 Web and E-mail protection is not wanted

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I'm upgrading from version 6 to 7 and I don't want web and email protection. But the EEA really wants me to. So what I'm forced to do is:

Follow this guide: https://help.eset.com/eea_mac/7/en-US/install_remote_pre-installation_jamf.html?install_remote_pre-installation_jamf.html

Short version:

- Push the profiles to the machine including the VPN.

- Have a version 7 Configuration Policy that enables web and email protection (but only for something like POP3 and I suppress alerts for the others)

- Install version 7 using pkg.


If I do not add the VPN configuration profile, EEA will prompt me to add it.

If I do not enable web and email protection in the configuration policy, VPN is stuck on connecting and all other network traffic is halted until manually disconnected and "enable VPN on demand" is unchecked.


Is there some way to do this where the antivirus will just leave my network connections alone?

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