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Automatic Product Updates - debug

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Hey Forum,

we have some clients that apparently not get automatic updates.

Installed Version is 9.0.2046.0.
Automatic update is activated.

If i get Documentation right the client should update itself at reboot.
I restarted several times old version is still there.

Is there any logging on that feature to find out why automatic product update is not working?

Thanks in Advance!

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Endpoint 9.0.2046 is currently the latest available via automatic updates. Automatic update to Endpoint v9.1 should be available later this year. If you want to update Endpoint immediately, send a software install task with Endpoint 9.1.2057 to clients. However, I'd recommend testing upgrade only on a smaller group of machines and update the others with a delay.

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Hello Marcos, 

thank you for your help - so we will have to wait for automatic upgrades on versions 9.1

Until then i'm trying to semi-automate this and buiilt a dynamic group, but i can't find the status.


In "Installed Applications" the "Version Check Status" is "Outdated Version"

Is this searchable in dynamic group templates?





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