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Client Reboot Tasks Fail after Appliance Upgrade (ESET PROTECT Server 9.1.2301.0 / Management Agent 9.1.2304.0)


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today I upgraded my ESET Appliance to the latest version and rolled out the latest Client Agent.

Since the update I have a strange behaviour with scheduled Client Reboot Tasks: I create the task as I always did 100 times before, the PC physically restarts at the scheduled time, but the task in ESET PROTECT WebGUI shows failed.

Is this any known bug?



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I've tested it and the task appears as executed in the ESET PROTECT console:


I'd recommend opening a support ticket for help with further troubleshooting. The agent trace.log (may need to be generated with debug verbosity) will be needed.

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I see same issue on many computers after upgrade. For example I want to reboot ~100-200 computers updated to latest ES and in status "Reboot required", but with optional delay up to 7 days (sometimes users has long tasks like program compilation or some QA testing and force reboot is unacceptable). All agents are updated. I creating reboot task with 7 days delay. 7 days later I see that ~30% of computers were rebooted (by users manually or by task, don't know) and 70% computers still not rebooted and task just failed on them.

@Rico: please publish answer from support here if it will be. I don't want to create one more request...

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Support still working on this and digging into my Server and Client Logs.

ATM I have the feeling they think I am the only one with this problem, so maybe it could help /speed things up if you open a ticket @mrac 😉

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